Sex with my Ex

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Sex with my Ex

Tre' and I broke up about 6 weeks ago due to him cheating. Although I told blowjob porn videos myself I'd never allow anyone to disrespect me in such a manner, I missed him.

He was the only one that ever made me cum more than 5 times in one night. He was about 8 inches, and knew all the words to turn me on.
I was really horny and lonely one night so I thought "Fuck it, I want some dick", and decided to call him. It rung about three times, and he answered, ’Talia?’.

"Hey Tre'", I said. He sounded so surprised to hear from me, as well as he should have. "Damn, what’s up baby, I've missed you so much", he told me. "Prove it, come over", I blurted out.
"Are you serious?", he asked. "Yes I miss you", I confessed. "Alright I'll be over in about 20 minutes", he told me and /hung/">hung up. I freshened up in the bathroom, and put on some /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie.

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. I didn't waste any time, and we started going at it. I kissed him on the lips and his neck, and started ripping his shirt off. I lead him to my bedroom and threw him on the bed. "Damn, I missed this", he said just under a breath.
"I know you have", I said. I massaged his dick through his pants, and then slid them off. I started stroking his dick and talking dirty to him. ’MMM, you miss this tongue?’ I asked him. ’Hell yeah baby, suck this shit’. I went to work; I circled my tongue around the head as I was stroking it. I spit on the head, licked it up and down, and moaned so he knew I loved it.

I sucked all of him and let him grab the back off my head. ’I want you to cum in my fucking mouth’, I demanded. ’Yeah?’, he groaned. ’Well suck that shit out’. I slurped him up, and sucked him faster and harder until he came in my mouth and it dripped down my chin. I swallowed it all up, and he loved it. He got up, and laid me on my back, and slid down my panties. He started rubbing on my clit, and immediately, I got even wetter. He slid one finger in, and slowly fucked me with it. ’Mmm shit, I want you to /pussy/pussy-fuck/fuck-this-pussy/">fuck this pussy’, I moaned. ’Not yet’, he said. He went down and slid his tongue in and out of my pussy. I was so fucking horny at this point.

I wanted to fuck his face. ’Baby let me fuck your face’, I moaned. He picked me up and positioned me so I was on top of his mouth. I started to grind my pussy in his mouth and it felt so good. ’Mmm, fuckkkk, eat this pussy!!!’, I moaned out loud. He kissed it, sucked on my clit, and tongue fucked me fast and hard. ’Shiiiiit I’m cuuuminggg’, I moaned out in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. He sucked up all my juices and I lowered down and slid my pussy on his dick. ’Ride this shit’, he groaned. I started slow, then I started bouncing my ass up and down on his dick as fast as I could. ’Fuckk I missed this pussy’, he groaned. ’Mmm shittt, fuckk fuckk fuckk’, I screamed.

I came on his dick, then I went down and sucked it all off. He bent me over, and slid in from the back. ’Fuck this /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard’, I moaned. He slammed in me and started pulling my hair, I was so turned on. ’Mmm yeaa, slap my ass’, I demanded. ’You’ve been a /bad/">bad fucking girl while I was gone?’, he asked. I loved when he talked to me like this. ’Yeaaahhhhh’, I moaned. He started fucking me harder and slapping my ass, and grabbing on my titties. ’Cum on my ass baby’, I moaned. I could feel me and him cuming at the same time, and he pulled out and came on milf porn videos my ass while rubbing my pussy until I came on his fingers.

’We should get back to doing this more often’, I said in exhaustion.