Taking You

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Taking You

Her telephone rang just as she was getting into the shower after her morning cup of coffee. It was Her /master/">master. He wanted her today.

"Meet me in the parking lot of the Best Western at 9:00am", he told her, "and wear a skirt and your black panties and bra. Don't be late." 

She knew she would have to rush to make it but she also knew better than be late so she hurriedly showered and then put on her make-up, fixed her hair and got dressed. She started with the black lingerie, the sheer panties and brassiere that he liked the best. Then she began putting on some pantyhose but thought better of it and chose thigh high stockings instead. She then put on a very nice dark blue skirt and a complimentary and very fashionable lighter blue silk blouse. She finished off her look with matching earrings and a choker. Yes, the diamonds were real. 

The traffic wasn't too /bad/">bad and she made it with five minutes to spare, which was no doubt a good thing. She pulled up next to the white Jeep that was already there. Her Master was always prompt and didn't like to wait.

She got her purse and locked her car. Her Master sat there in his Jeep and leaned over and opened the door for her. She thought to herself that was more gentlemanly than usual. He must be in a good mood today. She got in and was surprised when he started the engine and pulled out. She thought that he might just make her suck him right there in the parking lot or take her into a room and fuck her.

Once they got on the road he told her to take her panties off. "Right here in the car?" she asked. "Yeah baby, unless you want me to pull over and make you take them off by the side of the road."

She knew that Her Master wasn't kidding. old waman xxxgx He actually would pull over. So she hiked up her skirt and reached underneath and started to wiggle out of her panties, preserving as much of her dignity as possible, and trying not to look too conspicuous in the process. Her Master glanced over just in time to see her slipping them down over her knees. He was pleased to see that they were the black ones. 

"Put them in the glovebox and take out the bag that's in there" he told her.

She opened the glovebox and there was a white bag inside. She saw the bag was from Lover's Lane. She put her panties in the glovebox and closed it.

"I got you a present my pet" he said and smiled at her. It was a disarming smile. She knew that if she displeased him that smile could disappear very quickly. She opened the bag and there were a couple of plastic balls inside with a cord connecting them. They were about the size of golf balls and they felt strange when she held them, kind of vibrating.

"What is this?" she asked him.

"Ben Wa balls my pet. Put them in your cunt." 

She was only slightly damp down there. She wasn't sure they would go in easily. She told Her Master of her concern. He told her to fingerfuck herself first if she thought that she was too dry. She inserted a finger into her vagina not so much to masturbate as to redistribute some of her internal moisture to ease the entry of the Ben Wa balls. The things were not small!

Her Master looked over and couldn't see much because her hand was obscured by her skirt. "Pull your skirt up so I can see or I'll make you take that off too." he told her.

That was all the incentive that she needed. She dutifully raised her skirt high enough so that Her Master had a very good view. He drove and occasionally glanced over and was pleased to see that his pet now was stroking two fingers in and out of her cunthole. Luckily for her, they did not pass any semi trucks or other tall vehicles. As soon as she felt that she was sufficiently lubricated to take them, she inserted the Ben Wa balls one after the other inside herself. The first one was a little hard to get in but the second one went in easier. She could feel some fullness inside her vagina. She left a little bit of cord hanging out. Then she asked him if she could put her panties back on.

"No way baby," he said as he pulled into the parking lot of a Bob Evans restaurant.

They went in and while she was walking She felt a draft on her bare moist flesh and the Ben Wa balls vibrating deep in her cunt. The combination of feelings was definitely erotic. She was starting to lubricate and actually felt the moisture wetting her inner thigh. She hoped that it would not run down far enough to show. 

They walked in and they were shown to a table immediately. While she was walking to the table she could feel the Ben Wa balls clicking together inside her. She wondered if anyone could hear them. Her Master was a perfect gentleman in public. He pulled her chair out for her and helped her get seated. He was attentive to her and nice to the waitress who took their order. No one would suspect that this pleasant man had the capacity to use her as he did.

When the waitress returned with their breakfast she wondered what she would think if she knew the truth. This attractive, well dressed and obviously classy woman whom she was waiting on had been "obliged" to go out in public with no panties to cover herself down there and with some strange objects inserted in her vagina. She wondered if Her Master had known the waitress would she have been similarly obliged by his whims. Waiting on tables with no panties on under her pink uniform and a cord hanging out between her /blonde/">blonde (real?) furred cuntlips? Casually she wiggled her butt slightly on her chair and felt that vibration again. The visualization of what plans Her Master might have for her and the feeling of the Ben Wa balls deep inside her vagina were arousing her. She felt wet between her asscheeks now.

They were finishing their breakfast when suddenly Her Master dropped his fork on the floor. As he leaned under the table to get it she felt his hand separate her knees. She knew where he was looking. Her Master slid his hand up her thigh and actually inserted a finger into her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt for a quick second. 

Her Master retrieved his fork and sat back up and sucked his finger and remarked "Hmmm, tasty".

After breakfast was done they drove back to the hotel and went inside. Again, she felt the Ben Wa balls vibrate and the coolness of the air against her moist cuntflesh as they walked down the hall to the room. She was becoming more aroused all the time. When they got in the room Her Master locked the door and without saying anything took her in his arms and kissed her long and deeply on the mouth. She felt his hands knead her ass, bare under her skirt.

"Take off your nylons and skirt my pet." he told her.

Her Master watched while his sub first sat on the bed and peeled her stockings off. Then she stood and reached back and unzipped her skirt and looked at him while she let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. She was nude from the waist down, and still fashionably dressed from the waist up. She wanted to cover herself with her hand because she felt somehow embarrassed standing there like that. She knew that the cord was showing and suspected that her wetness was evident as well.

"Turn around" he said, "I want to see your ass."

She turned and when she glanced in the mirror she saw him looking at her. She couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants.

"Bend over and spread 'em." he told her.

She wondered what he was going to do and felt a flush of warmth in her cunt, and a flush of embarrassment on her face. But she bent over anyhow and reached back and spread her cheeks. The embarrassment and warm feeling both intensified because she knew she was totally exposed standing there like that. Her Master looked and the sight of her excited him. Her outer lips had parted. The cord from the Ben Wa balls was dangling from her cunthole, kind of looking like a tampon string, and her inner lips were visibly swollen and glistening with dampness. Her clit had also become visibly erect. Both her holes were so accessible to his eyes and, if he wanted, to his hardening cock.

"Hmmm, maybe I should just fuck you like this" he mused, but no, he had another idea.

"Turn around now and unbutton your blouse." Her Master told her. 

She unbuttoned her blouse from the top down and when she was done it /hung/">hung open and Her Master could see she was wearing a sheer black bra. She had perfect breasts, natural and just the right size. They filled the cups of her bra to a pleasing roundness. He could see the dark bumps of her nipples through the thin fabric. They were obviously hard and thus further confirmed her arousal.

"Now sit over there on the chair and show me your cunt my pet." he said gesturing to a chair by the window.

She walked to the chair and the Ben Wa balls vibrated again. She sat down and used her hands to open herself to his gaze, spreading her outer lips widely so her intimate parts within were exposed. 

"Show me what's inside your cunt."

She reached for the string dangling from her vagina and started to pull. She felt it tighten and the Ben Wa balls shift within her. She was going to pull them out very slowly because she knew that would please him the most.

"No, don't remove them" he instructed, "I said I want to see what's INSIDE your cunt."

She inserted two fingers into her vaginal opening and pulled her hot hole open. God she felt like such a slut with her cunt spread open so lewdly like that. He could see slick surface of one of the plastic spheres imbedded inside her. Her Master inserted his own finger inside her gaping cunthole and wiggled it causing the ball to click against the other one and both to vibrate again. He rubbed her g-spot with the fingertip then slid it up to her clitoris and rubbed it too, sending bolts of sexual electricity surging through her loins. Then he knelt in front of her and moved his face to her vulva. He licked all around her open cunthole and then moved his tongue up and teased the tiny hole there as well. Then Her Master closed his lips over her clitoris and sucked on the hard little bud until her body jerked with a powerful orgasm and her vaginal fluids wetted the chair. All the while she kept her fingers inside her cunt. She knew that when she should not remove them until so instructed.

Her Master unzipped his jeans and his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock sprang free, sticking straight out of his fly. He knelt down in front of her and stuck the head of his penis right into her cunt along with her fingers. She was so wet that it entered her very easily and when he pushed in further she felt the Ben Wa balls pushed even deeper inside, all the way to her cervix. Just as quickly Her Master removed his cock and stood up in front of her. He unbuckled his belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. He kicked them aside and then removed his shirt as well and threw it on the bed. He stood nude before her. His cock stood straight out and the head and about half the shaft glistened with her own nectar. She knew what he wanted and obediently opened her mouth. Her Master again approached her and of course she took his /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis in her mouth. First she tasted her own vaginal fluids and then as she sucked him more she also tasted his precum.

Her Master looked down and enjoyed the sight of her red lips closed around his shaft, nursing from his straining member and causing his balls to strain with the load of cum building inside them. He liked the way that his thick cockhead caused her cheek to bulge when she took more of his cock into her mouth. He used his hand behind her head to coax her face toward him. She knew that he wanted her to try to deep throat him. She tried her best to relax and swallow his entire penis but when the head slid into her throat she felt the gag reflex. Her Master did not force his cock further into her mouth and she felt a strange mixture of relief that he did not and a longing for him to do so. It was only right that he fuck her throat if he wanted to. After all, she WAS his slut. Mostly however Her Master was content with pinching with her stiff nipples where they stained inside the cups of her bra and enjoying the feel of her lips and tongue on the /fat/">fat mushroom head of his cock. When he felt that he was getting close to cuming he pulled his throbbing penis from her warm mouth.

"I am going to fuck you now my pet," he said, bokep sma pecah perawan "get on your hands and knees..."